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Why NPO acceleration is key to a strong community.

Today we completed the THRIVE acceleration program where 16 nonprofits received the opportunity to push forward in the current climate (COVID-19) and innovate to serve our communities despite the challenges. 'Acceleration' is a buzz word found associated with the tech world - but it's not exclusive to startups or tech communities anymore. NPOs (Nonprofit organizations) are a part of what makes up a healthy, sustainable, and thriving city or state- therefore acceleration within these organizations is needed now more than ever! That's why we offered the THRIVE program here in Richmond, VA, in partnership with The Spark Mill and The Community Foundation for a greater Richmond. One participating board chair mentioned during the second week of the program that "they had accomplished more in two weeks during this program than they had in 5 years..." Now that's acceleration! To learn more about the Spring 2020 participants and information on the upcoming Fall program, click here.

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