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A Path Forward!

Updated: May 13, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to impact our world each day, we are all experiencing the stress of the unknown. As an organization focused on innovation, collaboration and support of other nonprofits, we immediately thought, “how will this specifically affect nonprofits?” Most NPO services are essential for communities to thrive, so the prospect of those services no longer being offered was an added stress on top of the current health pandemic. Our response simply: let’s stay on mission and help nonprofits thrive so that our communities can make it through this. 

We called on our partner The Spark Mill and approached the Community Foundation to join us in offering a Virtual Accelerator: a path forward through COVID-19! The program provides an opportunity to look beyond the current challenges and obstacles and plan out a direct and streamlined strategy forward. Organizations will spend concentrated time planning and executing real time solutions with guided facilitation. Click here to learn more.

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