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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The Collaboratory of Virginia (“CVA”) is now accepting reservations from all qualifying nonprofits for offices, suites, dedicated desks and virtual membership. Secure your place in line to select your preferred offices, suites or desks once our architectural plans are finalized.

CVA is Virginia’s first co-working space designed exclusively for nonprofits. Our fully- furnished 38,000sf venue will feature over 60 office and suites ranging from 1-22 people, over 75 dedicated desks, multiple meeting rooms, a formal board room, training room, podcast studio, numerous phone booths for private conversations, two cafes and the coffee is always free. Best of all, when you work at CVA, you will be working alongside your fellow nonprofit professionals. Have a problem to solve...ask your peers. Membership also includes best-in-class programming and training.

Resident Members will pay less than equivalent Class-C office rents, dedicated desks are even more affordable and Virtual Members can work onsite and enjoy other benefits of membership for only $50/month.

Interested in hearing more? Join us for The Collision Tour on February 6th!

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